Find data and reports

A lot of good data already exists about CUL, Cornell University, and the library community as a whole.  Whether statistics, project reports, or library systems that can be queried, the following links hook you up to the most important sources of existing data.  If you notice something we missed, please let us know.


CUL Assessment Results

Includes: User Studies (Students and Faculty), Collections & Facilities Use, CUL Metrics, Results of Benchmarking and Environmental Scans, CUL Responses to External Surveys, Studies/Input from Library Staff


Undergraduate Student Survey 2017


Graduate Student Survey 2016


CUL Statistical Trends 2018


Faculty Survey 2014


Get your own CUL data (CUL staff only)

  • Accounting and labor distribution reports/statements (KFS ID&R dashboards): Contact Ken Putnam (krp5) for information.
  • Acquisitions vendor databases (via an LTS Web page): Contact Jesse Koennecke (jtk1) for access.
  • Chat statistics (QuestionPoint software): Contact Virginia Cole (vac11) for information.
  • Count It! (local system used to record CUL's information contacts with its users): CUL staff can log in via CUWebLogin, or the group login.  Contact CUL-COUNTIT-L for assistance.
  • CUL Annual Data Collection wiki: Contact Linda Miller (LM15) with questions.
  • Ejournal usage statistics
  • ILL data
    • ILLiad (traditional interlibrary loans): Contact Caitlin Finlay (cmf7)
    • Borrow Direct:
      • 9/9/02 through 8/22/10:
        • Option 1: Use ready-made dashboard reports (no login needed).  Follow the links under "All Library Report Options" and "My Library Report Options."
        • Option 2: Create your own reports from transaction-specific data (password needed - Contact Caitlin Finlay (cmf7) for "Library ID").  Use the options under "Download My Library's Data to Excel."
      • 8/23/10 to present
        • View Borrow Direct dashboard reports or create customized reports and download to Excel (no password required).  View data for all BD members or just Cornell.  Please contact Caitlin Finlay (cmf7) with questions.
  • LibPAS (houses CUL's annual data collection 2007/08-):  Contact Linda Miller (lm15) for access.
  • LSTools (Counts/data based on specific MARC criteria): Contact Gary Branch (gcb2) for information or to be added as a user.  Sign on is by netID once registered.
  • Piwik (CUL web statistics): Contact CUL-LIBSYS-L @ for access. (Web Logs being phased out.)
  • Voyager Reporting: contact Sharon Beltaine (SLM5) for information.
  • WorldCat usage statistics (via Omniture):  Contact Linda Miller (LM15) for access.


Data and Survey Results about Cornell University


National Library-Related Data Sets