Unit: _________________________________


Administrator(s): _____________________________________



New Social Media Account Information



Goal: What is the goal for your site?




Audience: Who is the intended audience?




Message: What are the primary messages you’re hoping to get across?




Medium: What social media channel are you hoping to use, and why?




Posting: Who will be the account administrator(s), and how frequently do you plan to post? Note: If the primary administrator is a student, intern or fellow, who will take control of the account when that person graduates or moves on?




Measuring success: What metrics or guidelines do you plan to use to determine whether your account is succeeding?




Additional comments:




Note: According to the official Cornell social media policy, people who have left their positions should no longer have access to the passwords of the account. Please keep this in mind when devising passwords, since you will need to change them when account administrators leave their jobs.